Saturday, November 22, 2008

Reecreativedesigns jewelry

T.V. Charm Bracelet. This bracelet has Marlo Thomas from "That Girl", I Love Lucy and Twiggie all on a television charm. Then the bracelet is full of different shaped beads. This bracelet has a ton of jingle to it.

Vintage style nekclace.

I Love Lucy necklace.

Do you love to travel? Here is my travel the world necklace.

Twiggie.....remember her?

Whiskers the cat necklace....for all those cat lovers out there.

Maria's flowershop necklace.

Hippie Zippie Necklace is a fun 70's style necklace. The zipper actually goes up and down...very fun to wear.

This necklace has a Victorian style feel to it of a woman dressed up in green wearing a hat.

Fall colors is a beautiful necklace.

Custom work, drawing of a young woman and her dog. Necklace, matching bracelet and magnet.

Sweets Christmas Circle of Love Art Bracelet.

Circle of Love Art Necklace.......Reflect on memories.

Circle of Love Art Bracelet.....Underwater swim.

Wide leather Circle of Love Art bracelet......Wading Woman in Water.

Cracker the squirrel ceramic charm necklace.

Leather band circle of love art bracelet......Lock n Key to my heart of art.

Art is in the Eye of the beholder charm bracelet.

Strut'n with my dog charm necklace ceramic tile charm.

Business as usual charm necklace.

Winter dreaded locks charm necklace kit.

3 tile necklace kit

Circle of love.....I love art necklace...Winter Dreaded locks.

My lips are sealed charm bracelet.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Parade of Lights...."JAWS"

Here is "JAWS" our 1st place entry for the Parade of Lights. Fabricated by myself and two other people. Jaws was fabricated just so....when the waves would come in his body would cause his jaws to move up and down, biting down on the fabricated DNR figure. The platform was lite up at night with his jaws. We did a beach scene of people in the water and included a life guard. He was no help : )...the attack took place.
The photo above is Jaws attacking the DNR figure.

This photo above is the beach scene of swimmers as Jaws enters the area.

Another view of Jaws.

Beach scene.....I think these figures are from back in the day.

Life guard....he didn't help much as he watched Jaws come to the beach.

Here a attack takes place during fabricating Jaws. I warned this guy.

The early stages of fabricating Jaws.

Parade of Lights...."ET"

Here is our "ET" with a child giving him love. Who doesn't love ET? I know I fell in love with him.

These photos are of the entry of "ET" for the Parade of Lights. Fabricated by myself and two other people were ET himself and his spaceship. We placed for this wonderful entry too and it was a lot of fun to do.
ET phone home. His heart had a light in it representing his heart beating. He was so full of love.

Our spaceship that came to earth to return ET to his home. And there is that lovely Mum plant.

ET phone Home in lights.

Parade of Lights Statue of Liberty.....2nd Place

This was our entry for the Parade of Lights in 2007...The Statue of Liberty. She stood on a 6' platform and ended up being almost 30 feet tall. It was very difficult getting her up on the platform. This was fabricated by myself and two other people. At night she was lite up and beautiful. The photos shown are mostly of me standing at her feet and looking upward at her. I think from the photos, you should get the feel of just how tall she was.

Standing from under the Statue of Liberty and looking up at her. Her crown was in lights and her thrown of flames. She was a beauty and still is.

She stood almost 30 feet tall. It was very difficult lifting her on to her 6 foot platform, but was worth all the fabrication time it took to build her.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Love to draw, here are a few more.

What Happened?

Zip it!

Country living Oooooh nooooooooo
An Ugly Day for Shopping

Brush those



"Floatingginkgo award"

Bottled up

Wind blown