Saturday, November 15, 2008

Parade of Lights...."JAWS"

Here is "JAWS" our 1st place entry for the Parade of Lights. Fabricated by myself and two other people. Jaws was fabricated just so....when the waves would come in his body would cause his jaws to move up and down, biting down on the fabricated DNR figure. The platform was lite up at night with his jaws. We did a beach scene of people in the water and included a life guard. He was no help : )...the attack took place.
The photo above is Jaws attacking the DNR figure.

This photo above is the beach scene of swimmers as Jaws enters the area.

Another view of Jaws.

Beach scene.....I think these figures are from back in the day.

Life guard....he didn't help much as he watched Jaws come to the beach.

Here a attack takes place during fabricating Jaws. I warned this guy.

The early stages of fabricating Jaws.

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