Saturday, October 17, 2009


Ree Designs Necklaces in cut glass or stone

Check out some of my new jewerly designs. Want a bold and fun necklace, want to be different and strike up conversation? Wear a Ree Designs Necklace.

Stone and Cut Glass Jewelry

Lilly Flower Necklace

Throw Away the Key Necklace

Mastiff the Dog Necklace

Rotweiler Necklace

I Love Lucy Necklace
The Piano Man Necklace

Mod Fashion Woman Necklace

Friday, January 9, 2009

I Love Art Clip Cubes

Dogs...I love Art Clip Cube

I love Art Cube
This is my Art Clip Cubes with one of my drawings on each side of this cube. Hang them from your car mirror, hang it in your office, from a furniture handle, lamp shade....just about anywhere you want to add a little bit of art to decorate your space. The dog drawings in my blog are going to be on a cube all about dogs. I'll be making more cubes focused on one subject, such as dogs, cats, careers and special loves in ones life. So visit my store often at

Love animals, especially dogs. Here are a few of my dog drawings.