Saturday, November 15, 2008

Parade of Lights Statue of Liberty.....2nd Place

This was our entry for the Parade of Lights in 2007...The Statue of Liberty. She stood on a 6' platform and ended up being almost 30 feet tall. It was very difficult getting her up on the platform. This was fabricated by myself and two other people. At night she was lite up and beautiful. The photos shown are mostly of me standing at her feet and looking upward at her. I think from the photos, you should get the feel of just how tall she was.

Standing from under the Statue of Liberty and looking up at her. Her crown was in lights and her thrown of flames. She was a beauty and still is.

She stood almost 30 feet tall. It was very difficult lifting her on to her 6 foot platform, but was worth all the fabrication time it took to build her.

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